Bats was founded on the principle of Making Markets Better. That ideology has extended to our ETF Marketplace where we aim to improve the market quality for every ETP that lists on Bats.

Listing is FREE

Bats has taken a novel approach to the fees we charge to list on the ETF Marketplace — we simply don't charge fees.

No Initial Fee, No Annual Fee - no matter the ETF size

Bats Issuer Services

The ETF Marketplace Issuer Services department is focused on making your listing a better experience from the launch of your ETP to on-going support.

Issuer Services

Resources for Issuers

Applications, Issuer Forms and Listing Rules.

Issuer Resources

Market Maker Programs

Our Lead Market Maker (LMM) and Competitive Liquidity Provider (CLP) programs are designed to improve market quality for issuers. Both are rewards-based programs that provide incentives to Market Makers based on their quoting in Bats-listed securities.

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