Switch to the Bats ETF Marketplace


  • Obtain governance approval to withdraw from current listing venue, list on Bats and file necessary filings with SEC (i.e., Form 25 and Form 8-A).
  • Contact the Listings Qualifications Department for assistance in completing the appropriate application.

Listing Qualifications Department

Phone: +1.913.815.7101
Fax: +1.913.815.7250
Email: list@bats.com

You should also review the Bats Exchange Listing Rules (Chapter XIV of the Bats Exchange Rules), which include information about listing qualification standards and corporate governance.

At least 15 days prior to listing on Bats

  • File the notice of withdrawal of listing with current listing venue.
  • Issue and post press release regarding such withdrawal.
  • File executed versions of listings applications with Application Support Team.

At least 10 days after providing notice of withdrawal

  • File Form 25 with the SEC voluntarily de-listing from current listing venue (with a copy to the current listing venue).
  • File Form 8-A in order to re-register the ETPs.

At least 10 days after providing notice of withdrawal

  • ETPs officially switch to Bats, effective prior to the opening of trading.


For more information about transferring to Bats, please contact the Listing Department at listings@bats.com